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Mashiro is a multipurpose bot, Mashiro traces her roots back in 2018 when I made my first bot project called Emilia. I started out like an amateur at coding. I copy pasted before but now. I rewrote some of Mashiro's code and tried to personalize it as much as I can. Some traces of old code I did use are there but most if not all were revamped and written in how I understand the code. JS has taken me a long way in my learning of programming and it's helpful community helped me develop good skills and use amazing packages that made my learning experience better.
Name Usage What it does
m!help m!help, You may use m!help (nsfw,music,fun,info) Gets the help menu
m!pat m!pat (@user) Pats a cute person ^^
m!hug m!hug (@user) Gives someone a warm hug! Cozy...
m!help m!help, You may use m!help (nsfw,music,fun,info) Gets the help menu
m!slap m!slap (@user) Someone offend you?! Slaps someone
m!tsundere m!tsundere My girls's a dere, ~tsu~tsundere~~, Gets a random cute tsundere phrase
m!laugh m!laugh (optional @user) You saw something funny/laugh at someone xD
m!kiss m!kiss (@user) Mwah! Give a kiss to a loved one
m!punch m!punch (@user) MUDA! MUDA! MUDA MUDA!!! Ok.. Enough jojo memes. Throws a punch
m!cuddle m!cuddle (@user) Give someone a warm cuddle :)
m!poke m!poke @(user) Someone sleeping, respectfully give em a poke to let them know you care
m!cf m!cf Tosses a coin/td>
m!neko m!neko Gets you a cute sfw neko(Kawaiii~~)
m!meme m!meme Gets you a meme from a random subreddit
m!profile m!profile (optional @user) Gets your profile
m!roast m!roast (@user) Roasts someone cringily(hopefully no one gets mad TwT)
m!tenor m!tenor (query/tags) Gets you a tenor gif
m!aq m!aq Feeling Philosophical?, Gets you a random anime quote
m!cry m!cry It's ok to cry, I'm here for you :)
m!dog m!dog) Gets you a cute doggo :D
m!cat m!cat Gets a cute cat!
m!anime m!anime (anime name) Gets you an anime from my anime list(mal)
m!8ball m!8ball (question) Ask the almighty 8ball for advice owo
m!ratewaifu m!ratewaifu (@user/item) Ever wanted to know what your rating was?, gives you a rating out of ten
m!kawaii m!kawaii Gets a kawaii girl from the r/kawaii subreddit
m!touhou m!touhou Gets a touhou image from the r/touhou subreddit
m!rps m!rps (rock,paper,scissors) Play rock paper scissors with Mashiro
m!hold m!hold (@user) Feeling scared or romantic? Hold hands with someone :D
m!disgust m!disgust Saw something disgusting? Ewwww!
m!ship m!ship (@user)(@user) Shipping people?, ships people
m!wyr m!wyr Which would you rather do?
m!randomizer m!randomizer (choice1)(choice2)(choice3)(choice4) Randomizes 4 things
m!e7hero m!e7hero (hero)(optional stats) Gets a hero from the gacha game Epic 7
m!e7artifact m!e7artifact (artifact) Gets an artifact from the gacha game Epic 7(anything else won't work)
m!ban m!ban (@user)(optional reason)(requires BAN)_MEMBERS permission) Bans a user
m!kick m!kick (@user)(optional reason)(requires KICK_MEMBERS permission) Kicks a user
m!mute m!mute (@user)(optional reason) (requires MANAGE_ROLES permission) Silences a user
m!unmute m!unmute (@user)(optional reason) (requires MANAGE_ROLES permission) Gives a user their voice back
m!prefix m!prefix (prefix) Sets the prefix of a guild
m!clear m!clear (any whole number but not above 100) Bulk deletes messages
m!addrole m!addrole(role)(requires MANAGE_ROLES permission) Gives a user a role
m!removerole m!removerole (role)(requires MANAGE_ROLES permission) Removes a role from a user
m!unban m!unban (user ids only)(requires BAN_MEMBERS permission) Unbans a user
m!danbooru m!danbooru (optional tag) Gets a nsfw image from danbooru
m!r34 m!r34 (optional tag) Gets a nsfw image from rule 34
m!grope m!grope (@user) Erotically grope someone ;)
m!yandere m!yandere (optional tag) Gets a nsfw image from yandere
m!hentai m!hentai Gets a random hentai image
m!doujin m!doujin Gets a random doujin image/td>
m!ass m!ass Gets a random image of ass
m!bdsm m!bdsm Gets a random image of bdsm
m!femdom m!femdom Gets a random image of femdom
m!maid m!maid Gets a random image of a lewd maid
m!cum m!cum Gets a random image of cum
m!nhentai m!nhentai (tag) Gets a doujin from nhentai
m!nhentaiinfo m!nhentaiinfo (sauce/nuke code) Gets info of a doujin from nhentai
m!3dass m!3dass Gets a random image of (3d)ass
m!3dthighs m!3dthighs Gets a random image of 3d(thighs)
m!rnsfw m!rnsfw Gets a random image of nsfw
m!3dpantsu m!3dpantsu Gets a random image of (3d)pantsu
m!pantsu m!pantsu Gets a random image of pantsu
m!kc m!kc (optional tag) Gets an image from konachan
m!safebooru m!safebooru (optional tag) Gets an image from safebooru
m!about m!about Want to know more about me, this lets you know more about me
m!avatar m!avatar (@user) Gets the avatar of a user
m!ping m!ping Checks the bot response time
m!urban m!urban (word) Gets info on a word based on urban dict
m!serverinfo m!serverinfo Gets info on this server
m!userinfo m!userinfo Gets info on that user
m!steam m!steam Gets info on a steam user
m!invite m!invite Gets an invite to invite me to your server :)
m!suggest m!suggest (suggestion) Suggest something to me
m!play m!play (url or song name) Play a song
m!pause m!pause Pauses the player
m!resume m!resume Continues the player if paused
m!stop m!stop Stops playing music
m!skip m!skip Skips the song
m!np m!np Displays the current song playing
m!eq/td> m!eq Sets an equalizer
m!queue m!queue Displays the current queue
m!volume m!volume (number 1- 100) Sets the volume of the player
m!shuffle m!shuffle Shuffles the queue
m!repeat m!repeat Sets the song to repeat
m!jisho m!jisho (word) Gets information on a website
m!news m!news (query) Gets a random news article
m!uwu m!uwu (text) Uwuifies your text UwU
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