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Mashiro Discord Bot

Hailing from the anime “Sakurasou na Pet no Kanojo”, Mashiro, the highly popular and renown artist, is now coming to Discord with the sole aim of providing you with nothing short of the best.


Mashiro, unlike most bots, is concentrated in numerous areas, boasting a wide array of commands that give her the ability to adapt within every server. Her ability to quickly serve NSFW (not safe for work) content drastically improves its ease of use in NSFW Discord servers. Moreover, all of the commands that Mashiro is capable of carrying out are all regulated and checked in order to ensure her consistent and unwavering compliance with TOS. This is further cemented by the fact that her commands are always checked by me. This checking also applies for mod work, as all the NSFW-checking for mods are also done by me and me alone.


In numerous Discord servers, some of the most integral factors in incentivizing a member to stay and become active are none other than fun and the quality of life that said server provides. In this light, Mashiro has the ability to carry out many fun commands that can easily turn the server’s atmosphere into a fun and comfortable one. One such command involves her use of music packages tailored to ensure that the music quality delivered to your servers are nothing short of the best. As time passes, more commands shall be added in further updates, so stay tuned!

100% Free

One common issue with many of the popular bots being used nowadays is the presence of premium or pro features which subsequently limit the full potential of the free version of said bot. However, fear not, as we do not plan on making a premium version of the bot as we want all of her features to be accessible to anyone. However, should anyone want to support Mashiro, donations are always welcome. Just click on the donate button above and donate however much you would want.

About Mashiro

In the anime, Mashiro Shiina is an English-born girl, currently a third year student at Sui-Mei High School. As a world-renown artist, she is a member of the school’s Arts Division. She currently resides in Sakurasou dorm with her friends.

About Me Aihara

Aihara is an amateur programmer for Chika’s Kawaii Cafe and the creator and owner of Mashiro. Currently, Aihara is focusing on software development, aiming to study more languages apart from Javascript, which include but are not limited to C++, Java, Kotlin and C#.